Joint headliners:
Nine Below Zero

Osibisa.   Works-FM.   Ezio.
  Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers
    Outpatience.   Polly Paulusma
       Landermason.    Barefoot
          Swan Jazzers

Photos by Gerry Weatherhead



This year the Clare World Music Festival enjoyed the best of everything. Perfect weather, a sell out crowd, two stages, and eleven fantastic bands providing non stop music for over ten hours.

Photos by Gerry Weatherhead


Local band Outpatience were the first band to play. Their individual brand of indie blues rock ensured the festival got off to a cracking start.

Nine Below Zero, seen here working hard for their complimentary pints of 3.9 Above Zero. We reckon a few more gigs like this one and the guy in red will able to afford a new guitar!. 

Ezio. One of the most hardworking bands in the country, Ezio have been described as 'Rockers with Acoustic Guitars', and rock they certainly do. 

Visit for more news about these two.

Works-FM, by popular demand, now at the festival for the third time. Appearing at the very first festival in 1998, they were last here in 1999, and are better than ever. 

Despite a last minute change in the bands line-up, (due to the M25), they played a flawless set of their unique style of reggae blues

The beautiful and very talented solo singer songwriter Polly Paulusma. Polly's first album is due out soon. Check out Polly's website.

Osibisa were the most numerous performers, outnumbering Showaddywaddy 2 - 1 with sixteen people on the stage.



Showaddywaddy proving they can still deliver the goods. 
Playing many of their well known chart hits, 

It was particularly fitting that 'Under the Moon of Love' was performed as the park was bathed in moonlight from a glorious full moon low in the sky in front of the stage.

The festival has a reputation for attracting people from far away places. This year we are aware of visitors from Switzerland, Canada, and even one from New Zealand.
However, I think these two characters may be more local than their costume suggests!