Photography by
Gerry Weatherhead

Clare 04
photo archives

Clare 04  Commitments
John Otway
Roberto Pla
Christine Collister
High White Honkies



The Clare Music Festival once again lived up to expectations
as a near capacity crowd enjoyed a fantastic day in
The Clare Castle Country Park.

The bands were tremendous, the weather surprisingly good,
the atmosphere electric as Clare enjoyed its 7th Music Festival,
described by many as 'The best so far...' and feted by the press
as 'East Anglia's leading one day Festival'.

I think for me the high point of the day for me was listening to
The Commitments'
belt out 'Try A Little Tenderness', or
perhaps the great John Otway's personal interpretation of
'House Of The Rising Sun', complete with audience participation.

Whether you were there, or you were unable to make it, have a
look at our Clare 04 archive for some great pictures of the day.

Here's looking ahead to Clare 05.

Clare World Music Festival.