Headlining Boney M

with    Dr Feelgood
          King Prawn
                                Trenchtown Experience
                               Chantal (with Macca)

Photos by Gerry Weatherhead


We did it, this was the first festival to sell out. By 9pm we had a full crowd all ready to cheer on our headline band. Not for us, unlucky thirteen.  The crowd enjoyed a fantastic evening dancing and singing to Boney M, who allowed the children from the crowd onto the stage for most of their act.
Boney M coming to the town not only put Clare on the map, they pushed Clare to one of the top places to be in England that year.


Dr Feelgood.
This, their second visit to Clare, rocked everyone with their amazing talents on the stage. 

They first sold out in Clare Town Hall earlier this year, at one of our pre-festival concerts. There is no doubt they helped to sell out the festival this time as well.

King Prawn's performance was energetic and superb. Their music reached to the young audience and had people dancing in front of the stage. They certainly will not be forgotten.

Trenchtown Experience
were amazing. They captured the families in the arena and performed the perfect reggae sounds to relax to in the sun, with a glass of wine, or just to sit and listen.

For the whole of the 90 minutes they performed, everyone on the field was enthralled. Trenchtown even succeeded in winning over people who had previously professed not to enjoy this style of music. All we can say is, keep an open mind, don't dismiss music without hearing it.


This was Chantal's first performance on stage, but you would never have thought it.
With only a few weeks to go, her backing band announced that they were unable to make it so Macca jumped in and saved the day. They were fantastic and Chantal was superb. She looked good and sounded great and it was all for charity. She was on stage to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis.



Nermal were the opening band for the festival this year. This is not the first time they had played for us. In March they performed in Clare Town Hall as support for Dr Feelgood.